Integrity - Do the RIGHT thing, even when no one is watching..

To be a man of integrity is tough enough in today's world...

As you all can see this paper cutting goes back to April 2011, however its importance does not decrease even by 0.01%. This paper cutting discusses about attitude shown by Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Pointing and Adam Gilchrist in different situations during their career.

“Indeed, the most difficult time to be HONEST is when nobody is watching or when nobody would know any better. True test of CHARACTER is when you are naked with yourself and you refuse to compromise under any circumstances.”

There is also a small story about a sculptor who creates a beautiful idol after putting aside the idol in final stage. WHY?

I believe, we need to be honest with ourselves in whatever we do; we can anytime give excuse to our parents, family, friends, employer however we ourselves know that we haven’t given our 100% to it and hence result is also not as expected.

As a student, sometime it happens, we don’t work hard enough and when results are out, we put it on question paper or teacher who had reviewed it however its not correct.

Another instance as an employee, I have realized that we don’t give our 100% dedication to our work, there could be lot of reasons to it, primarily spending lot of time on social media. At the end of day, we have to sit extra to finish these pending tasks and we blame company policies, our team lead or dear project manager for assigning lot of work. Again, if we had work dedicatedly there was no point of putting those extra hours and could be more productive for the company.

Lastly, I believe we need to cultivate this attitude into ourselves to make us a better person.

Quantum Computing - Qubits - IBM Q

Quantum computers are different from binary digital electronic computers based on transistors. Whereas common digital computing requires that the data be encoded into binary digits (bits), each of which is always in one of two definite states (0 or 1), quantum computation uses quantum bits, which can be in super positions of states. A quantum computer maintains a sequence of qubits. A single qubit can represent a one, a zero, or any quantum superposition of those two qubit states; a pair of qubits can be in any quantum superposition of 4 states, and three qubits in any superposition of 8 states.

First commercial Quantum computer has been recently launched by IBM under the name IBM-Q and it is currently available on cloud platform. It can be utilized for high power processing data and artificial intelligence. Quantum computer can be also benefit in the fields of medical, chemistry and financial sector.

  • To utilized IBM-Q, IBM has developed a service called "Quantum Experience" which is available for 5 qubits cloud base Quantum computer. It can be accessed by API to run algorithms and experiments, work with individual quantum bits, and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing.
  • IBM is also expected to provide SDK in the first half of 2017, through which developers can make their own programs.
  • IBM-Q can be utilized to resolve mysteries of nature as well in field of chemistry. It can be used for developing new chemicals and material too.
  • It will ease process of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • It can also help in enhancing security of clouds.

A tour of the IBM Quantum lab


Best Free Screen Recorders of 2016

Few days back, my team and me were working on 1 project using Genetic Algorithm (GA). Client requested us to share the video of demo we were giving to them, so they can review it later. Immediately,  search for an open source screen recorder started.  

We found CamStudio, installed it, used it however it hang my  PC and we had to stop using it. Later after trying couple of more Screen Recorder, we found one which met our needs. It was called "ICECREAM SCREEN RECORDER", which is simple and easy to use however it comes with limitation for 10 minutes. I am sure, we can overcome it :)

In same weekend, I came across this interesting article in "The Times of India", Sunday edition. I am sure, it will be helpful to my friends / colleagues.

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With this Google Tech, You won't need to Crawl on Desi Net

Few days back, I was going through this interesting article shared by my father from "The Economic Times" newspaper, about upcoming technologies from Google. In India everyone is talking about Reliance JIO 4G, while Google is working on projects like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and  PWA (Progressive Web Apps), which itself will load the pages faster on slow internet.

I'll share more info with you in coming days however you can visit their websites: