China has completed work of the biggest radio telescope in the world.

The telescope will be used to explore space and help in the hunt for extraterrestrial life

'The project has the potential to search for more strange objects to better understand the origin of the universe and boost the global hunt for extraterrestrial life,' Zheng said, according to the report.

The 1.2-billion yuan ($180 million/£135 million) radio telescope would be a global leader for the next one to two decades, Zheng added.

The five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST, is the size of 30 football fields. For comparison, the largest radio telescope in Europe is 100 metres (328 feet), a fifth of the size of FAST

The telescope, which has taken about five years to build, is expected to begin operations in September.
This telescope catch lowest signal due to its size.

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